Bismuth is an archival element, that under specific, synthetic conditions crystalizes into a distinct hopper shaped crystal form. This crystalline structure of multicolored lattice of cubes within cubes is utilized to simulate the Tesseract, a 4th Dimensional cube. Imagine the Tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square, although it escapes our perception. This is a rotating Tesseract:

In our thoughts, as well as dreams, we construct a reality within countless imperceivable dimensions, and the realm of the Tesseract is the first that evades our five senses. As artwork is meant to herald a great movement in the viewer into unknown lands of experience, these works are manifestations of the great mythic beacons of ineffable transmissions: Immortal Gods plucked form our literary tradition, all linked to the bridge that connects humans to the imperceivable truths beyond the body.

(pictures 1-28 funded by VSCO Artist Initiative)

Ānuenue - artwork funded by VSCO Ar Ānuenue (01) Ānuenue (01) Ānuenue (02) Ānuenue (02) Ānuenue (02) Ānuenue (02) Ānuenue (03) Ānuenue (03) Athena Athena Libertas Libertas Libertas Libertas Magi (01) Magi (01) Magi (02) Magi (03) Magi (03)   Magi (04) crystal figure (01) crystal figure (02) crystal figure (03) crystal figure (04) crystal portrait (01) crystal portrait (02) Magi (05) Shepard and wayward sheep Iris Iris Asteria Psyche Eros Aerion Glaukos Aerion Kanaloa Hamsa Hamsa Pale Horse