I am a a media artist from Hawaii. My practice explores our relationship to Nature, and ranges from video and installation to biological and chemically generative sculpture. I studied New Genres Art at the San Francisco Art Institute, and have exhibited internationally and across the US. I was raised on Oahu and now live and work above Honolulu on Mt. Tantalus.

My work serves to create a dialogue with the environment and imagine new ways of interacting with nature. Through this task, I strive to elicit a different sort of art production that places value on natural systems and mankind’s ability to integrate positively with them. I create art that speaks to our cultural anxieties and relationships with nature, and analyze the myths and prerogatives specific to a psychology of the self. Drawing my materials from the natural detritus of my immediate surroundings, I aim to reconfigure the most elemental substances into objects and phenomena that celebrate the potential of generative aesthetic expressions.